The International Kissing Club

The International Kissing Club - Ivy Adams Other reviews like this at The Book Babe Note: Due to copy an paste, formatting has been lost.I really liked this book, because I found the characters to be good, and I could identify with them. Small town-No options. But I have to say that my favorite characters were probably Izzy and Cassidy, because they seemed so much more developed than Mei and Piper. Not that Mei and Piper weren't developed, they just didn't really seem as easy to identify with as Izzy and Cassidy.Izzy was probably the best character, even though she got a bit less play time than the other girls. It was just easier to identify with her! (Probably because she's more like me, but we can't all be awesome. :P) So, I'm moving on now. The story was good, but it seemed to drag sometimes, in the slower moments. In some points, you were just ready to scream,'Get on with the story already! I'm getting bored!'. But aside from that, it really was a great story.I find the idea of the IKC taking off so quickly a bit implausible, though. I can't imagine a facebook page like that gaining so many likes on facebook in such a short time. Especially since the page was named 'IKC' instead of 'International Kissing Club'. I think they probably could have gained more likes by naming it differently.I really loved how all four girls's stories meshed and went completely opposite ways, yet they always kind of stayed together. The ending was great, because it was everything a good contemporary ending should be. So, all in all, this book was cute, sweet, and it kept me entertained and wishing for more.