The 39 Deaths of Adam Strand

The 39 Deaths of Adam Strand - Gregory Galloway Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.I don't know what it is about books with suicide, but when they end, I'm always left with this huge profound sense of peace. Does anyone else get that feeling, or is it just me? Maybe it's that the content is so out there, yet SO FREAKING true and sad that it makes me feel peaceful, because it usually doesn't end badly.Maybe it's like philosophy, you know? I LOVE philosophy, but in an "argues with the greats, paranoid what if" kind of way. It's interesting to think about. Maybe, if one thing in your day had been different, something else in someone else's day would have been different too. It's interesting, no? And the philosophy that's presented in this book is the best kind. The kind that makes you REALLY think and question, why?Why did Adam Strand commit suicide 39 times? Because he was bored, and it gave him peace. That's an odd way of looking at it, but it's also really interesting.Adam was very straightforward. He was telling it like it was, from the very beginning, and I loved that. To be honest, the way this story was told was AMAZING. I was pulled in from the very first page, and the story never let me go. It's like we retreated into Adam's mind, and I absolutely could not get enough of that feeling. He was really interesting, that's for sure. Also, as I've said before, the writing was fabulous. It had an almost lyrical quality, with just a hint of lucid. It was great.I did find a couple things really freaky deaky, though. In a cool way, of course! The WHOLE town accepts that Adam just CAN'T die. He's tried 39 times, and failed, so when someone finds him, they just kind of accept it and take him to his parents. They don't stop at the hospital, but they take him right where he needs to be. Then he wakes up. o_OAll in all, The 39 Deaths of Adam Strand was a very interesting story, told through the mind of a seventeen year old boy-- and it is one wild and interesting ride that I just couldn't put down.