Real Mermaids Don't Need High Heels

Real Mermaids Don't Need High Heels - Helene Boudreau Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.I think that this is the book where I've found my happy place for this series-- I just need to accept that this is MG, a genre that I don't usually read, so there are going to be some things that will just kill me. Like the lack of down-time between adventures. But the more that I think about that, the more that I realize that MG is known for it's over-the-top adventures that just keep happening, so I think I've finally made peace with that. Finally.And that's all that needed to be done for me to just sit back and start really enjoying this series. I already liked Jade, so now that I've made peace with the adventures, I can say that I love Jade. She's really level-headed most of the time, and she totally makes me laugh with her snarky humor! She also manages to be spunky a lot, even when she's in grave danger, and yes, she still makes me laugh. And nod while saying, "Amen, sister! Preach about being plus-sized!!"I also like the way that her relationship with Luke has progressed throughout the books-- meaning it's basically gone nowhere, but I think that it's pretty realistic, considering the young age of Luke and Jade. I love how confused they are! It's the cutest thing I've ever seen, and I hope that they actually get somewhere in the next book. Getting over the confusion is part of growing up! And it's just really cute. =]Speaking of cute, this entire series really is adorable. I'm really starting to appreciate that it isn't filled with mature subjects. It's a kick-back-and-relax kind of read. I'm loving that! I'm also loving that the ending was sweet and happy, and that the characters all had their own little happy endings. So much love for happiness, y'all!In the end, Real Mermaids Don't Need High Heels was a satisfying read that left me happy with where the characters were, and hopeful about the next book in the series.