Scribbler of Dreams

Scribbler of Dreams - Mary E. Pearson Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.This one is another book I've been waiting on forever--but it's not near as much of a disappointment as the others. Don't get me wrong, it's by no means a five star review, but it's not a one star either. It's comfortably in between those two ratings.One of my problems with this book was the characters. I just didn't really care for them. And I really wanted to read The Diviners, but my sister totally frowned at me because I hadn't finished the book I'd started first. So I soldiered on, reading until my eyeballs ached, and I didn't really get anything out of the story.The characters just...didn't do it for me. They kind of drove me crazy, and I didn't really care about them, neither did I have any real reason to keep reading.Insta-love was too much in play here--I know it's based off of Romeo and Juliet, but I can't help but complain about it. I'm just not a fan of the insta-love craze. I prefer reading about actual developing relationships. Huge shocker, I know. Another problem I had was the word-building. Several times I lost my place, and didn't know how I'd gotten here from there. It may have just been the squealing kittens in the other room, but they're still squealing, and I know where this review is going.It's not going anywhere good, but when I was reading this book it was enjoyable! I hate when I read a book and like it fine, then I start to write a review and the only things that come to mind are bad things. Things that make me lower the rating. But it wasn't that bad. Does anybody else do the same thing??