Antithesis - Kacey Vanderkarr Other reviews at The Book Babe's Reads.Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.ACTUALLY 3.5 STARS.Antithesis was a new kind of read for me-- I'm honestly not into science fiction, but this one just sounded so good that I couldn't resist. The idea of alternate realities is something that I've puzzled on and thought about for days on end, to tell you the truth. Just the idea that someone out there who's the same as me but somehow different just...astounds me.So anyway, having jumped at the chance to read this, I was hesitant about not liking it. But it turns out that I was worrying about all of the wrong things, because I actually did like it!Gavyn turned out to be a character that I could strangely relate to. I mean, obviously I have two arms and a girl's name instead of a boy's, but I related to her in a totally different way. I know what it's like to be weird. And for all intents and purposes, hey, Gavyn is weird. But she's also totally fun and awesome and sarcastic. I would totally be friends with her, and her friends Drake and Lena. They seemed like a cool trio.But back to the alternate realities thing: how weird would it be to meet yourself? Because Gavyn does. A couple of times, actually. And I just can't get over how strange that would just, you know, be. I think that I would seriously freak out. Then, to make things more confusing, I started wondering how it is that all Gavyn's are friends with Lena's and Drake's. Isn't there some sort of paradox or something that should be against that? Statistically speaking, at least one of the Gavyn's never would have me Lena and Drake. Does that make sense, or am I just crazy rambling?But back to the point: she met herself, and yet when she refers to the other Gavyn's as Gavyn, well, I never got confused. Which I honestly think should count for a heck of a lot. Just like the fact that Liam, well, seems to see the real Gavyn. I think that should count for a lot too. It seems like not very many people see her, and she deserves to be seen for who she is, because she totally kicks ass. Even if she does puke afterwards.All in all, Antithesis was a fun, philosophically challenging read for me. I can't believe how weird that just sounded, but it's true.