Lula Bell on Geekdom, Freakdom & the Challenges of Bad Hair - C.C. Payne Other reviews at The Book Babe's Reads.Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.Lula Bell was exactly what I expected as a MG contemporary-- a sweet, younger girl who's going through some issues but is soldiering on. Lula Bell was an awesome main character perfectly innocent and nice enough to imagine her well. I think I was a bit like her, honestly. But I didn't have the grandma that she has-- Grandma Bernice was my favorite part. She was so wacky and out there, but she also had some honest and true things to say about people.Her words of wisdom were definitely worth listening too, and I enjoyed her voice. I missed her too, after she was gone. The way that Lula dealt with her grief was believable too. I think at that young, well, you understand what's happened but the long term effects really don't happen for a long time. Then it all comes crumbling down.I liked Lula's friend Alan, but it seemed like she really didn't treat him very well, honestly. He was always a friend to her, and always great, but when it suits her she drops him. Every time. But I think that she grew enough through the book that it won't be happening again. Lula Bell is so hard for me to review. Because even though I liked it, nothing really happened inside the book. I mean, stuff happened but it had a very slow and southern honey feel to it...all in all, it was a good story, but I can't say that I'll read it again or that it was something special, you know?