Impossible - Komal Kant Other reviews at The Book Babe's Reads.Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.I picked up Impossible because it looked cute-- I mean, isn't that cover absolutely adorable? So, I was expecting a cute (if sort of fluffy) romance. Turns out that this didn't fulfill my expectations at all! It turned out to be more like lust than romance, and well, it was actually kind of confusing. They were constantly back and forth with each other, and I don't really think that they even liked each other as people...which poses a bit of a problem in my mind.Ashton was so stuck up and snobby. She was way full of herself, and you know that thing that gives you logic? Her's doesn't appear to be working because she says things that make no sense. For instance, she broke into his house to try and shut down his band practice, and when he asked her what she was doing there, she said (and I quote!) "I could ask you the same thing." By my calculations, she was in his house. You're the only one intruding, girl! Not only that, but she was actually a really mean character. She used Luca, and she did some very rude/mean things that made me dislike her a bit more. I could not bring myself to feel anything for her.Which brings me to Luca: I don't understand the problem. He seems like an okay kind of guy, to tell you the truth. Ashton may have said he was hideous or whatever, but tell me that isn't a whole lot of judging. He sounded okay to me, and even though he had very simplistic chapters, I think I would've liked him if I ever met 'em. He seems sweet.On from that, their love wasn't very well developed. It seemed like they were "in love" long before any real feelings happened between them. The ending just didn't work for me either; it seemed like nothing was properly resolved.All in all, Impossible just wasn't for me. Maybe it'll be something you'll like, though, so if it sounds good give it a shot!