Life After Theft - Aprilynne Pike Other reviews at The Book Babe's Reads.Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.ACTUALLY 3.5 STARSLife After Theft was something new for me. I've never read The Scarlet Pimpernel, nor have I ever read anything by Aprilynne Pike. But so far, I can say that she's impressed me as an author. I really liked this one, even if there were a few moments that I was like "haha that would never happen."Jeff seemed to be a really laid back kind of guy. He had his jerky moments, but most of the time I think that he was just being forced into doing whatever Kimberlee wanted, because he's just a nice guy. On that note, I wasn't expecting a guy narrator-- the cover confused me! But even though it was a guy narrator, I liked him. Guy narrators are so much fun, don't you think? Especially Jeff.But let's move onto Kimberlee. I'm not sure, but Kimberlee might just be crazy. I know for sure that she really wasn't all that nice, and that she stole a lot, but we really don't get anything more on her. I would've liked to have seen a chapter through her point of view or something-- it would have helped with her development, I think. And then I would have been able to die happy. She made a really good impression on me with her "confession".But let's move onto the story-- I thought that the storyline was really good! I liked that Jeff was helping Kimberlee return the stuff, and how funny it was that he has an entire inner monologue over it. That was great! My only problem was that Jeff got caught multiple times, and nothing ever comes of it? Something always happens that gets him off. I mean, all power to him, but that was kind would never happen, you know?The ending was amazing, though. I thought that everything was wrapped up well, and that it left it open enough that it'll be easy to continue. All in all, Life After Theft was a good read.