You Know What You Have to Do - Bonnie Shimko Other reviews at The Book Babe's Reads.Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.You Know What You Have to do was a weirdly psychological thriller type book. I wasn't sure what to expect when I started it, and when I finished I was even less sure of my final thoughts. I don't really think that anything was actually resolved, or that there was any real moral to the story. Maggie kills several people throughout the book, and while you'd think that something would come from it, nothing ever really does. I found that to be endlessly psychotic.Speaking of psychotic, Maggie was really psychotic. I didn't see her as funny or feisty like the description says...I just saw her as psychotic. First impressions really suck. But they stuck, for her. From the very beginning she's hearing the voice in her head that tells her to kill people...and she does it (that voice was way scary). And as we know from YA books, psychiatrists are very easily played. Which makes me feel bad for their profession, but whatevs. It seems like they're always made out to be quacks in YA books. All Maggie does is lie to her psychiatrist, and he never really seems to catch on. You'd think that Maggie would try and get help, but no, she doesn't want anyone to know that she's crazy. Valid reason. But if she hates the voice so much, why doesn't she ever take the help that's offered to her? Not only that, but she crushes on her 35 year old psychiatrist. Imagines what it would be like if they were married. Sometimes, older men are attractive. But fantasizing about curtains for a man that old is so gross that I made up a term for it: ickles.I mean, a crush is okay, but I can't imagine having such advanced feelings for a guy his age at my age. Does that make sense? And then the guy her age? Well, he's crushing on her and stalking her and blackmailing her and what does she do? She blackmails and threatens him right back. The whole situation was downright freaky deaky.That's probably an accurate description of the entire book. Maybe I'm being a harsh critic, but You Know What You Have to do just didn't sit right with me. All in all, it's not really a book I would recommend unless I knew that you were into that kind of stuff.