Happenstance (A Second Chance, #1) - M.J. Abraham Other reviews at The Book Babe's Reads.Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.Happenstance is another in a long line of disappointments from the new adult genre. There are some gems in it, but I find that most new adult debuts can be described with one word: disappointing. Happenstance was really no different.I found Victoria to be a flat, unbelievable character. She has virtually no hobbies to speak of, and most of what she's good at appears to be in the bedroom. I found it sad that we didn't get to see more of her first grade class, because I think that would have given her more development. Also, we really don't get to see any of her relationship with Eric. I never really got the feeling that she ever loved him, considering she fell into bed with a vet pretty soon after the divorce.Speaking of that vet...he really wasn't all that. Mostly, I kind of thought that he was gross. He started dropping innuendos on the first date, and that was before anything really happened. There was instant-attraction, and that was such a huge turn-off. A couple months later, and they're in lurve. Normally, that wouldn't be such a problem, and that's a good amount of time for love, but the time actually elapsed rather quickly. Entire months were skipped or covered in one chapter, which only caused confusion for me, and made it hard to actually feel any chemistry or development from either of the characters.Next problem...I feel so awkward saying this, but it was so gross. They have sex in an alley, and also in a public park. That is disgusting, in my opinion. If it something you wanna do on your own time, that's okay. But please don't tell me about it. :/Also, don't throw a whole bunch of underdeveloped, pointless, no-reason-for-this drama at me. I won't be having none, thank you very much. *SPOILER* She's raped, and her grandmother dies, then they're getting married. *SPOILER END*All in all, Happenstance just wasn't for me. I found the characters to be flat and the story mediocre. But if it sounds like something you'll like, I encourage you to try it.