Click to Subscribe - L.M. Augustine Other reviews at The Book Babe's ReadsDue to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.Actual rating 3.5 starsThe only reason that I'm giving this book three-point-five stars is because it's not deep deep deep. Enjoyment level, it's probably four, but as far as a deep premise, it's more like a three. But in spite of that, it's a really good read that's fun and fluffy.West is such a funny, dorky, teenage character. I loved getting to read through his eyes, and I loved how he was able to poke fun at himself. He's just so dense, though! Ergh...I can't believe he can be best friends with Cat, and be talking to this "Harper" girl and never connect them together...I mean, wow. You think you know somebody and then...BOOM. Turns out they love you and you never even noticed. That is what I call being dense, y'all. Not only is he just dense, turns out that he's also kind of a jerk. Once he finds out that Harper is really his best friend (...) he freaks out. I can understand that, but he kind of led her along. Probably unknowingly, but still.On the other end of the spectrum, Cat was awesome. I thought it was so adorable how she fell in love with her best friend, and I totally liked their chemistry together. I was mentally kicking West throughout the book, I'll have you know. I loved the little snatches of background that we get through her stories, and that she seems to be fighting for "them".All in all, Click to Subscribe was a really, really cute read. I loved the romance between the two lead characters, and the ending was everything that I had hoped it would be.