Keep Me Ghosted (Sophie Rhodes Ghostly Romance #1) - Karen Cantwell Other reviews at The Book Babe's Reads.Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.I was expecting Keep Me Ghosted to be a fun romp of a read...I was disappointed by that. It was fun sometimes, but it was mostly bogged down by a weirdly paced plot. Some parts were really slow...the first 73%, I wasn't sure if anything was ever going to really happen. But after that point, it seemed like everything just dropped out of the sky-- the pacing went from really slow to extremely fast all at once.Just do me a favor-- read the description. I was led to believe that Sophie was absolutely surrounded by ghosts, and that her and Dr. Callahan were going to have fab chemistry. Both were extreme exaggerations. Sophie only has one ghost around-- her friend Marmaduke. And while he was great, I was expecting more. I did like him as a character, though. He added a certain level of sarcasticness. I laughed at several of his one-liners. But on to the chemistry-- I really wasn't feeling it.Sophie of herself didn't really inspire me. She wasn't a bad character, but she wasn't fantastic or anything. I think that the author tried too hard to make her characters quirky. Sophie has a pet flying squirrel and a one-eyed cat, and Cal is one of the only doctor's in his chosen field: vision therapy. I wasn't emotionally invested in them at all, I'm sad to say.The whole story seemed rushed, to tell you the truth. Not well planned out or executed. Keep Me Ghosted just didn't turn out the way that I hoped it would.