The Julian Game - Adele Griffin The Julian Game was a huge disappointment in my eyes. I was hoping for a fun book about revenge, but what I got was really different-- and not what I was hoping for at all. The characters were the biggest disappointment of all, though.I thought that Julian was very flat-- I didn't understand anyone's attraction to him. He was a jerk, and I hope I never meet someone like him. Raye (our main girl) didn't really grab my attention either. She made a few bad decisions, but the worst part of all that was that she tried to be someone else. I didn't feel character growth in either of them, and I didn't find myself rooting for either of them to have it. They were unbearably immature, and the pranks that Ella and Raye were playing went way too far.I do have hope for Raye and Henry, though. That's all that I came away with-- hope for Raye and Henry. The story had no real moral that I could find. It was okay, that was pretty much it.All in all, The Julian Game didn't really grab my attention. It was a bit of a disappointment in my mind, and I wish that I could have liked this one more.