Triangles - Kimberly Ann Miller Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.Triangles is a hard read for me to rate-- I didn't hate it, but I really didn't love it either. It read more like a NA then a YA at first, which confused me because I'm really not used to characters swearing a lot. It's a fact of my life, but it doesn't usually cross over into books. They seemed extra mature, but as I read on I realized that they're really not.I found Autumn to be really self-centered. To the point of being overly rude and selfish, as well as thinking that every accident centers around her. It's "her" fault that her Dad died. I understand blaming yourself to a point, but making everything about you just kind of turns me off. (Says the book reviewer, who reviews all books with "her" opinions.) I don't really feel that she really grew up throughout the book, but I do think that she gained a new perspective towards the end, which made me like her a bit more.Unfortunately, Autumn wasn't my only issue. I'm willing to suspend belief for the situations, as it is fantasy and I understand that. I just don't think that I was invested in the story. I wanted to see it through to the end, though, which really counts for something.Another issue that I had was with the boys. As the synopsis says, two sexy guys. Here's where you're probably asking, "What's your problem with that?" My problem was that I didn't see two sexy guys. I saw one boy who couldn't keep it in his pants at all, and that drove me crazy with his spoiled rich kid attitude, and another boy who in most cultures could be called a stalker. I don't think that he is, I just think that he doesn't know how to deal with his crush at all. He freaked me out with all the over-attentive stuff, though.The best thing about Triangles was the ending. Not because it ended, but because it answered all of my questions and tied up the loose ends that had been dangling. All in all, Triangles wasn't exactly the book for me, but if you love the Bermuda triangle you might give it a shot. Who knows, I hope you love it more than me!