The Island - Jen Minkman Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.I have never found myself so disappointed by a dystopian novel. I'm not even sure that this qualifies as a dystopian read. It has all the key attributes (defunct society, ruthless leader, plague), but they didn't really work together. And STAR WARS? Really?I'm not proud of that...and it's totally sad. I mean, I never understand how lies like that become common truth, but it was particularly unbelievable in this case: their entire society is based on a STAR WARS *gasp* fanfic.Nope, I'm totally not joking. Got you there for a second, though, didn't I? Anywho, moving on before I get too carried away.The beginning seemed info-dumpish to me, to tell you the truth. Too many names and events at one time-- I had trouble keeping up. Not only that, but I just...STAR WARS FANFIC. Their society is defunct because they believe that STAR WARS FANFIC is true. o.OI found the main character, Leia, to be fairly dull and flat, unfortunately. She just didn't do it for me, and neither did the villain or her love interest. They just weren't believable characters. They were also way too pliable-- one hint of something could send them running for it.All in all, I'm VERY disappointed with this one. It wasn't at all what I was expecting.