Seventeenth Summer - Maureen Daly Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.For whatever reason, Seventeenth Summer was just a flat read for me. I didn't connect with the characters, and I really didn't see the romance in it.Angie, our main character, is way too prim and proper. I couldn't relate to her in any way, and I often found myself wondering why she even bothered? She would say how disgusted she was with Jack's eating habits, or his family, and I don't understand why it matters? She's supposed to love him, right?They fell in love way too fast. It was like an instantaneous "he sees me then we go on a date then we love each other" kind of thing. And it drove me crazy! I don't see how they could be in love so easily. Jack doesn't appear to be very into Angie at all, but as I mentioned before, they're "in love". But Jack is always running off to talk to someone else and making Angie feel awkward and out of place. Basically, I didn't feel emotion from either of their characters. It was a big mocha latte of flatness.If that wasn't bad enough, I couldn't keep our secondary characters straight. They seemed to just pop out of random places and to be with different people often enough that it confused me. I couldn't figure out who Angie was related to, or who her friends were dating...I just couldn't.All in all, Seventeenth Summer really fell flat for me, which is sad, because I was really expecting to like it.