Sean Griswold's Head - Lindsey Leavitt Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.*ACTUAL RATING 3.5 STARS*I knew exactly what to expect when I started this: I was expecting cute, romantic fluff that's basically there as a filler. What I got was so much more. There was romance, and yes it was adorable. But there was also self-discovery and pain, as well as just general life.I liked Payton, she was a good main character. I feel like I can relate to her; even if I don't know what it's like to have a sick parent. She handled it okay, though, I think. She was really funny and sarcastic, and I liked that she had actual feelings, as opposed to some flat character from other books that I could mention.I liked that she found a focus object through such a ridiculous thing-- it was great. Now I will take a moment to say something about her focus object, Sean Griswold's head. SEAN. He was such a sweetheart-- just one of those boys that you want to hug the life out of, you know? (Well, I want him to live but you get the picture, right?) He was the perfect guy to kind of balance Payton out.Their romance was adorable. So unsure and cute and I never wanted the adorbs to end! My only real issue with this book was that it follows the formula for a romantic comedy down to the T. You know what I mean. But I did like that every character had a purpose, and a unique personality.All in all, Sean Griswold's Head is the perfect beach read-- except it doesn't involve any beach. Otherwise, it meets all the other requirements-- sweet and cute, with a dash of romance.