Shatter Me  - Tahereh Mafi Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.Shatter Me was a hard book to rate. On one hand, I really liked it and would love to read the next book, but on the other I was a tad bit disappointed. Although the text was very poetic and pretty, I was confused by the crossed out statements.Juliette disappointed me. I wanted to like her so much, and I did; but she has retreated so far into herself. Basically, she's built huge walls that she doesn't want anyone to get around, and I wished that she hadn't been so hard on anyone. I get that she can't touch people, and that everyone in her life has abandoned her, I just don't know why she wants to alienate people.I did like seeing little glimpses of her life before, though. She had a bad childhood, which makes me get her a little more, but I feel like we couldn't really connect. I didn't really connect with Adam either, even though I do find him a good love interest for her.Which brings me to my next point. The love was a little rushed, in my opinion. I didn't understand how they could have "loved each other for so long", when they hadn't even talked before they got locked up together. I get that they love each other for their actions, but I think that there should be more to love than that.Don't get me wrong, I liked the romance, it was a good steamy romance...but that just wasn't enough without the love to work around, you know? I wish that there had been more development on that front.I also wish that Warner had been given more development as a villain. At this point, I just know that he's creepy and a little psychotic. I don't fear him at all, which in my opinion should be changed. I should be deathly afraid of him, but I'm not.All in all, Shatter Me is worth the read, but I was just a tad disappointed in it.