PODs - Michelle Pickett Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.PODs was an intense read from the very first chapter. And I'm really not sure what I have to say about it other than that. Reviewer's block, thine name is Megan.So I guess I'll just go off my notes...usually it just flows? o.OI loved the plague element of the story. It was well-thought out and believable. I can totally imagine the world getting wiped out by a virus like this. I can also imagine the USA government having a similar solution-- kind of like the Holocaust holdings. PODs under the earth, air-tight with a raffle determining all who get to live.The only thing that I don't understand about this theory is the continued survival of the military and a dictatorship...I don't remember any mention of them in the PODs. Another thing? What if everyone from the outside had died, and no one was left to let them out of the PODs? What would have happened then? So clearly, this isn't a plot without holes, but it totally kept me entertained/happy.I loved the interaction between all of the characters. Sometimes banter happened, and other times it was depressing, but they were all there for each other and that just means everything, right? I really liked that.I also liked Eva. She was sweet and open, but she also had a hint of rebellion and sass in her character. I loved her with David, and I hope that they get to stay together in the next book, because they work well together. My only issue with David was that he can be a tad too sexist at times-- but don't worry, Eva calls him on it every time.Last but not least, I liked it when they finally got out of the PODs-- it catapulted immediately to serious dystopian, which I seriously liked.All in all, PODs is a good dystopian read, but my review is a tad stilted for some reason?