In Honor - Jessi Kirby Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.In Honor is one of those books that I've been waiting to read forever. So when I finally got the chance, I snapped it up like it was a cupcake. Seriously, I wanted it that badly. (I have a weakness for cupcakes, but who doesn't?) I ended up really enjoying it.Honor was a character that I could relate to-- she was spunky and prone to making snap decisions, as well as being a little impetuous. But that's not the best part; she needed to grow. And she grew throughout the book, becoming more mature and understanding-- and I loved it. She started taking more into account before she made decisions, and I just wanted to cheer for her!But my favorite part was definitely the road trip element-- I LURVE road trips, and this one was definitely a mish mash of mistakes and problems that just seemed to fit together perfectly. They met new people and had lots of adventures...even if the new people tended to be two-dimensional.I did really enjoy Rusty's character, though. He sounds like such a hottie, and his emotions and such are all right up on the surface. I loved him when he teased, and I loved how Honor and him interacted. They are so sweet together! I said before that Honor grew throughout, but I think that in his own way, Rusty did too.And I can't imagine the ending being anything else, to be honest. It was perfect. All in all, I think that In Honor is a read that will make you feeling like going on a road trip. It sounds fun, don't you think?