The Vincent Brothers  - Abbi Glines Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.To tell the truth, I was a tad nervous about starting The Vincent Brothers. It's been on my radar ever since I finished The Vincent Boys in 2012, but sometimes books just don't turn out the way we might hope. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by this one! It doesn't deliver the same feel as the first book, but I'm fairly sure that I enjoyed this one more.Although Lana was nothing like Ash, she had some of the same things going for her. She was just so sweet, with a little bit of a wild side. But can I just say that I found her adorable? I'm so proud that she got her own book, because it blew me out of the water! In The Vincent Boys, Lana is portrayed as a girl who's always been jealous of Ash, but can be sweet at times. In The Vincent Brothers, we get to see a whole new side of her! And she's not nearly as jealous or vindictive as you might think. She's just a regular girl who's not very sure of herself. I adored her development throughout the book.I also adored Sawyer. In the beginning I was very unsure about him-- he was still after Ash a bit, and it seemed like he might use Lana. But towards the end, I really started to warm up to him. He's very caring, and I loved that he was willing to drop everything for his friends. I think that my only real issue with him was that he doesn't know how to show his feelings. But it's okay, he's a guy. I do think that he could be a bit overly possessive at times, though.Moving on to the tension-- and the romance! The tension between Sawyer and Lana was really good from the very beginning-- and let me tell you, there are some seriously hot scenes between them! I also loved the little emotional bits between him and Lana. When you have both characters' point of view laid out in front of you, it's fantastic the things you can learn! I'm a big fan of dual points of view.All in all, I really enjoyed The Vincent Brothers, which ended the series on a fabulous note! Well, an almost fabulous note. I'd have liked a longer epilogue. ;)