Astarte's Wrath - Trisha Wolfe Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.REVIEW:I have so many things to say about Astarte's Wrath. At first, I was so, so worried! A few small things had changed since I first read it in the beta format, but I don't really think that it impacted my love of this book very much at all. My only complaint was that it was slow in the beginning.Astarte, Xarion and Phoenix were still fairly good characters, in my opinion. I still thought that Phoenix and Xarion were swoony (more on that later), but I think that Astarte lost a little something between my first reading and the second. Maybe it's just me, though. Sometimes I have trouble re-reading books. I still liked her, though! I like the conflict that she feels about all of her decisions. That strikes me as really realistic, even if I may not agree with her all the time.I gotta say, though. LOVE that there wasn't a love triangle!! I can't stress that one enough, honestly. Back to Phoenix and Xarion, though. I don't know why I find Phoenix so appealing, but I do. Maybe it's because he's a moody bad boy type. But Xarion is easier to explain for me-- he just makes a really good love interest! I love a good forbidden story anyway, so it was a given that I would love this one. Some of those scenes were downright HAWT.But I have to say that my favorite part was the carefree moments that were intermixed into the story. Like the party, which was an awesome carefree kind of scene. They make more of an impact on me. I liked the action too, though. On another note, I never saw that ending coming. O.OAll in all, Astarte's Wrath was a satisfying read-- it had enough action, romance, and carefree moments to keep my happy, and it also had a nifty little map in the front. I was bound to love it-- history retellings rock!BETA READ THOUGHTS:I was lucky enough to beta read this book, meaning that of this writing it's not entirely finished. Editing will be done and such.But I LOVED IT. Here are my comments toward the author, so just be aware before you read that they're directed at her, because it didn't feel right to review a book that isn't entirely finished. You know what I mean? (;As I said before, I like the gods/goddesses descriptions idea in the beginning. I'm a huge nerd and it totally appeals to my nerdiness. ;)Now here we go with the new opinion bits-- I love it! It's fast paced and interesting, and the romance element is fantastic! (I'm a huge fan of romance in books, even if it doesn't really go anywhere at first. I especially like the forbidden kind, which you did really well.)I like Star's internal struggle with who she is and what she kind of wants to be, LOL. I really like how she sees things, and I enjoy your descriptions of battle and her clothes. I also like the mysterious element of the Leymac girl. (:PHEONIX. You did a really good job with him, and I totally love him. I also really like Xarion as the love interest. He's very...swoony. (; Actually, I think that they're both swoony, LOL.I DIDN'T LIKE:The parentheses explaining certain things. (his favorite fruit)