That Time I Joined the Circus - J.J. Howard Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.I wanna go join the circus now! I've always really liked the idea of traveling around, so That Time I joined the Circus hit me in a really good way. In a kind of great way, actually. It was ridiculously fun to get lost in Lexi's world, even if it was only for a little while. I found Lexi to be a rocking character, and I can honestly say that her musical taste isn't all that shabby-- I'll definitely be looking up some of those songs that I didn't know!I loved that music had so much to do with this one-- I'm a total music geek, so seeing so much music in a book was fabulous! We even get songs quoted to us at the beginning of every chapter. ;)I have to admit that my only real issue with this book was Lexi, though. She thought that she was forever invisible and alone, etc., but when she joins the circus guys start falling all over her! I can't stand that in a character, but I'll make an exception for Lexi-- because as I said before, I did like her, even if she wasn't the most amazing, flawless character ever.I also liked all of the secondary characters! We're introduced to a really big cast of characters right away, but I never found myself getting them mixed up. They all appear to have their own distinct personalities, and I loved the way that they interacted with Lexi.I loved the way that this was written! Few authors do flashbacks well, this is a known fact. But I think that J.J. does it very well! I never got confused in the flashbacks, and I finished each one with either a new fact to think about, or a new need to figure out more. I had most of it figured out, but I'll tell you that some of them threw me for a loop.BUT SPOILER'S, y'all! I cannot reveal those, alas. All in all, That Time I joined the Circus was a ridiculously fun read-- and it's going to go on my favorites shelf.