Dare You To - Katie McGarry Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.Rating rounded up from 3.5 stars.So, I just finished Dare You to. Overall, I really liked it! But I have this condition where I don't like companion novels as much as the original-- for whatever reason. I have yet to figure it out, but if you have an answer let me know.I guess we'll go with the "dislikes" first, because it needs to be said before the "likes".The beginning was really slow. As in, about 200 pages in I was about to die, and I was wondering why someone would tease me with Beth's romance and not deliver. Sooooo slllooooowwwww. It was terrible-- I was basically just sitting around waiting for something to happen.Another one of my issues was Ryan. Don't get me wrong, I grew to love him, but at first he was kind of bleh. "Country boy! Whee!" (My thoughts in beginning.) "You self-serving little jerk." (My thoughts before he grew on me. Seriously, that boy likes winning. He doesn't lose. Good for him, but I don't need to hear it all the time. *strangles*This issue was really prevalent in the beginning, but went away towards the end-- dawg. I have never heard a guy call another guy "dawg". I've heard bro. I've heard several cuss-words, along with insulting terms. But I have never heard a boy call another boy "dawg".It seems like all my issues were in the beginning (they really were), so now we should move onto the rest of the book! AKA, the last 250 pages.In the last bit, we get to know our main characters, Beth and Ryan a lot better. Turns out the Ryan isn't so bad after all-- he's got great manners, and country boy charm is working for him. Just sayin'! He made me like him in the last half, he really did. He's trying to be a better guy. And it's fantastic.Beth though-- I just don't have her pinned down as a character. Sometimes she can be so open and honest, no holds barred and all that jazz. But other times, she gets all closed off and pushes people away like crazy. So, yeah. I don't know what I think about her, I just know that she's a really good character.I enjoyed Noah and Echo's cameo appearances! They still make a really cute couple, and Noah almost snapped Ryan's head off for staring, so they're still the same. I love cameos, I really do! They make a companion believable, in my eyes.All in all, I really enjoyed Dare You to, but I think that it's missing the original intensity that we saw in Pushing the Limits.