The Tale of Aynil the Traveler - Paul Vincent Rodriguez Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.I found The Tales of Anyil the Traveler to be a quick and charming MG novel. It was filled with magic and action and adventure, and it also had a healthy dose of morals. (And the moral of the story is? Lots.) I slipped into this story with the ease of a much younger person-- one who's of the age for MG's.The introduction was absolutely fabulous. It immediately sets the feel for the story, and it adds a lot of wonder to the reading. Authors should believe what they write, you know? It makes the entire experience better, I think. Anyil himself wasn't a OMAHGERD AWESOME character, but I enjoyed his narration, along with all of his adventures as a traveler.For such a short book, this really covers a long time period. Think years. Crazy, right? Also, it has an ever-changing cast of characters! As many times as new characters came and old characters went, I never felt confused at all. I had a good grasp at all times, which is new for me. YAY for new experiences!!The dialog is simple and easy to follow, which I think is important-- but there were a few punctuation errors. Nothing big, but I just felt I'd mention it.All in all, I enjoyed Anyil, and MG is definitely a genre that I'll be looking more into soon.