Wrapped - Jennifer Bradbury Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.For whatever reason, Wrapped didn't really work for me. It was entertaining and all, but I didn't really love it. The mystery was overly predictable (I had it all figured out within a few chapters), and the action parts were just too convenient for my taste. They never really have to work hard to figure it out, you know?It was just...too easy. (That's the second time I've had this complaint in a month. O.O) I mean, overall it was enjoyable. It really was! But I just can't get over the ease for whatever reason. On another note, I did like the scattered bits of mythology, and the era that this was set in. I have so much love for historical novels!!Agnes was really down to earth, even when she's seeing conspiracies in everything, and jumping at every little noise. She managed to be a take-charge, kick-butt kind of gal in a time where everyone was just kind of placid, and I can't applaud her enough for that! Yay for risktakers!! Also, Agnes commentary on everyone was a lot of fun to read. (: (Did I mention that she reads?? Books!! Yay!!)Overall (wow, this is a short review. o.O), Wrapped was a fun novel, even if things fell into place a little too easy.