If We Kiss - Rachel Vail Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.If We Kiss was a satisfying read about first kisses, first crushes, and overall, just growing up. Charlie was a fabulous main character, even though I thought that she seemed a tad bit immature sometimes. Honestly, sometimes she seemed overly mature too, so I'm not really sure what to say about that. Her maturity level bounced around, I guess. But most of the time I found myself cheering her on, and she grew on me.She seemed really normal, you know? Not that I don't love YA's extraordinary characters thing, but I'm *le gasp* weirdly normal. So it was refreshing to read about a character that I could imagine goofing off with. Some of the interactions with her friends seemed strangely familiar (similar jokes between me and mine) and they made me like her even more. She had a fantastic sense of humor.The one thing that killed me about If We Kiss was the insta-love, though. By the end of the first chapter, Charlie thinks herself in love with Kevin-- and I just wasn't feeling it. They had one kiss, then suddenly Charlie just can't wait to see him again, she wants to kiss him again, she thinks she's in love with him-- it just didn't work for me. Overall, I really enjoyed this one, but...no way. I'm no fan of insta-love.I am, however, a fan of forbidden love. Kevin and Charlie's romance falls nicely into that category, so of course after I got over the insta I was going to enjoy it. And I did. They're so sweet together, and I honestly don't think that they ever meant to hurt anyone. They were just confused, and young, and...hormonal? Yeah, that's it. Hormonal. *snickers*All in all, If We Kiss was a really sweet contemporary, but it's ending left me wanting more.