Me, Him, Them, & It - Caela Carter Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.I've been absolutely salivitating for Me, Him, Them and It ever since I first heard about it. I contacted reps, I checked out netgalley, I tracked the release date. I knew, I just knew that this was going to be one of those life-changing books that rip a piece of you out and keep it. And it was! But it was also one of the most true to life pregnancy books that I've ever read-- maybe even the only pregnancy book I've ever read, but who knows!All that matters is that I really liked it. I truly did. I loved all of the character relationships-- they were very well done, and even though Evelyn could be a little silent, I liked her too. Evelyn and her parents, Evelyn and Lizzie and Maryellie? I think that they all reacted and interacted perfectly for the situations that they were in. That was honestly my favorite part-- it seemed really realistic, and even though there was a million things going on at any given time, it all just worked.Being a pregnant teenager is hectic, I'm sure! Especially if you don't want anyone to know, but you're unsure what you really want to do. Crazy, honestly! I can't even imagine that...actually, I can. And it looks a lot like Evelyn's story, except I'm positive that some of my decisions would have been different. Evelyn is the only thing about Me, Him, Them and It that truly upset me. Most of the time I liked her, but towards the end she just started freaking out, and she did some things that really made me upset. And it gave us a quasi-sad ending....sigh.But other than that, this really was a terrific book! I feel like all the confusion that the reader feels for Evelyn is completely true to life, and that the portrayal of pregnancy is realistic. It's more like Juno, LOL! Caela Carter does a really good job of running us through all of the emotions of a pregnant teenager without going all gross on us. PLUS, she gives us a little bit of humor throughout.All in all, I really liked Me, Him, Them and It. I think that it'll be one of my favorite issue books for a long time, because of the accurate portrayal of teen pregnancy and the feelings that come with it.