When the Silence Ends - Jade Kerrion Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.When the Silence Ends is one of those books that sounds absolutely fantastic from the description. But did it live up to the rocking dystopian that I was expecting? Nope. It just didn't work for me as a reader because everything was just so easy, and when I read dystopian I want to read hardcore. Everything just lined up and fell into place for our main characters, Dee and Dum. (Yes, those names caused laughter for me throughout the first half of the book, but I'm going to reveal a spoiler now. *Nicknames.*)When I say easy, I mean easy. Dee finds a friend who is an alpha telepath and can protect her and her brother-- who can be trusted. Danyael, a class five alpha empath, who's considered a threat to society and a terrorist is working in a free clinic not far from them. If he's considered such a dangerous citizen, why is he living in society? How does Dee know that she can trust Danyael and the telepath? She doesn't know them, and they could be on the council's side.Another one of my issues was the beginning-- we're thrust right into a world that we know nothing about, with a training session that we don't understand and a cast of characters that just keeps growing. It confused me a little, but after a chapter or so I started to understand what was going on and what "mutants", "in vitros", and "clones" were. I just wish that we could've had a little more backstory, you know?I also wish that Dum had been more developed as a main character. We only get in his mind a few times, and it's not really very noteworthy. You would think that being the character that this story is based around, he would have been better developed. The way that Dee was talking about him in the beginning made me think that he was seven instead of seventeen. Seriously, Dee, he's not a little kid anymore. You don't need to treat him like one.As the main character who leads the story, Dee was pretty well done, but she could be kind of...indecisive. I mean, at first I was totally proud that she kicked a certain ass to the curb, but then he shows back up later. And she thinks that he's a nice guy-- again. Ugh. He was a horrible excuse for a human being. But you've got to give Dee points for being able to tell it like it is.All in all, I enjoyed When the Silence Ends as a lighter read, but I didn't really love it like I could have.