The Art of Wishing - Lindsay Ribar Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost. (BUT it was VERY formatted.)I'm not sure that I can live with that ending-- it's crazy intriguing, considering we have a trilogy in the making. (Which I didn't know when I started, honestly.) But I'm totally happy that we'll get to read more about Margo and Oliver...because their story is totally awesome! As a reader, I really can't wait to see where it goes from here-- I have no idea where it could go. Plot. o_OWhich brings us to my first point-- the plot was predictable. I was figuring out things before they happened, but a certain level of predictability is expected in fantasy/paranormal books for me. Which is honestly why I don't read them all the time, even though contemps are predictable. They're just more my cup of tea for some reason. But this book was a tad predictable, in a good way. I have so much love for it's level of predictability! ❤(Do you see that heart?? It is my love for this book!) So...awkward fangirling moment aside, this book was really fabulous. The characters were well developed, and the romance was tres magnifique! Yes, there was romance. I love it, you know I do! But the characters...Margo was great, she really was. She had morals that made her seem like a normal girl (not particularly bad, not particularly good), because she totally questions things before she does them. I do too, to a point. And that's what made me like her at first-- she asks questions! I ask people stupid questions, all the time. So it resonated well with me that she questions things. I also really liked that she didn't immediately think of herself as being in love with Oliver. Or even lust! She sees him and she things he's cute. She doesn't feel immediate attraction, doesn't want to eat his face, and doesn't want to have his babies immediately. That is A-OK with me, because I really loathe that in a character! Plus she's not gorgeous. She doesn't have boys falling at her feet, and Oliver isn't gorgeous either! YAY! Normal people! (Well...aside from the genie part.)Speaking of genies, we have a type A example of one right under our noses! I think that Oliver fits the part of genie (djinn, whatever), quite well. I could see him wanting to please his master all the time, and really liking his job! And honestly, I've always really loved the idea of genies-- mostly because of Aladdin! (Which don't worry, the movie is referenced. Turns out that freeing a genie is a no-no. Who knew?)But I think I've rambled on about this book enough, so I'll leave you with this: The Art of Wishing is totally worth checking out, and I recommend it for anyone that's looking for a satisfying and unique paranormal.