Stolen Nights - Rebecca Maizel This review also posted at The Book BabeDue to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.Excuse me...OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. *glomps book* This book was so surprising! You remember how much I liked Infinite Days, right? How fabulous I thought it was? THIS BOOK WAS BETTER. I just gotta reiterate this bit, though. I LOVE the myth that surrounds Vampire Queen. It's very unique, because the author has explanations on why the vampires are beautiful. Ever think about that? Their PORES are sealed, and that's what makes them beautiful.Vicken SERIOUSLY surprised me-- in the first book, he really came off as a power hungry alpha-male type jerk. Just being honest. But once he became human, he's this awesome happy-go-lucky, I-can-finally-bruise-again type of dude. I absolutely loved that. Does anyone else have the biggest book crush ever on Rhode, though? He's just so...oblivious. I don't know why I find that attractive, but hey. Don't judge.Lenah remains her totally fabulous self, but I think she gained a bigger sense of humanity after that last bout of vampirism. She just is more human now. I don't know...but it was awesome. Her character is just so kick butt, and I totally respect her-- and want her on my team for dodgeball.Lenah and Rhode's connection, their "soul mates who can't have each other" status is...interesting. I mean, they loved each other for hundreds of years, then suddenly Rhode's back. Justin is a horrid person, and she doesn't love him anymore. I get it, they've been in love for centuries. And I'm a fan of Rhode. But I just have that one's weird. This is the only issue that I have, really. All of them revolve around this little fact.This is a just for giggles kind of moment, but our villian's name is Odette. Here's me: "Why, hello, Swan Princess who is evil. I find it immensely entertaining that you are so...evil with a fairy princess name. Teeheehee." Really. That was me. Laugh if you want to. ;)Last but totally not least, THE ENDING. WHY? WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT TO ME? I NEED to know what happens next. I'll feel better if I have someone to talk to. EMAILETH ME.Seriously, I'm not kidding. If you have an opinion on this book, I'd like to hear it and talk about it with you.