Heartbreak River - Tricia Mills Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.Heartbreak River isn't as heartbreaking as the title makes it sound-- it was actually a lot more CUTE than HEART-BREAKING. Note the differences in the descriptive terms I have used-- I just want y'all to know that I enjoyed this one, and I'll probably read it again, but I honestly don't feel heartbroken by it. I just think that it was adorable.That's all. It was as cute a romance as they come, with enough backstory to make it believable, and an identifiable main character, but I feel that it could have been better. Not much, but maybe a little. A little less melodramatic's would have been nice. A bit more character development on the secondaries, and a little more romance before the end.That's all I ask-- for a little more romance. You know me, I love a good love story! (Was ever a more cliche line spoken?)To be honest with you, I was absolutely rooting for a secondary character throughout most of the book. I mean, how could I not fall for the quiet southern guy? I loved Daniel! He was really awesome, and I wish that he had played a bigger part in the story. Had more speaking parts, whatever. I liked him. But I also liked Tommy, idiot that he was. And Sean. I mean, there was no shortage of guys to like in this book.BUT there was a shortage of girls. Four girls throughout THE ENTIRE BOOK. I feel like taking offense today, so I will. Why were there only four girl characters? That's all I really wanna know.