Pushing the Limits - Katie McGarry Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.Win. Can it seriously get any better than reading a super smexi, awesomesauce romance on the day after Christmas, AND ON A SNOW DAY? I don't think it can, LOL. This has nothing to do with my review...moving on, so that I can run back and read the sneak peek of Dare You to. First off, I gotta say that I wasn't very sure about this when I started--it's been getting so many good reviews that it had me nervous, because (usually) nothing with hype is actually good for me. I roll differently, I guess. But this book totally exceeded my expectations. My only problem? THAT IT ENDED. I mean, seriously. I could've read FOREVER.I mean, NOAH. SA-WOON. I can't exactly emphasize that enough, because, hello? He's too sweet-slash-badass. (I'm sorry! I think that he totally deserves those terms to describe him, so whatever. Deal. Sorry.) But he's just got so many problems, and so does Echo, and they're totally perfect for each other...SWOON. I completely love their chemistry together, and I definitely could've read a few hundred pages more...I also liked the little side thing going on with Beth and Isaiah...I wonder how that will all work out. I just kind of liked everything about this, but the ending...I don't know. It just kind left me a bit confused, and totally dying to get my hands on the next one.This book is told through two different points of view--which I usually find annoying, because it seems like a lot of authors have trouble switching between points of view, then the characters all sound the same. But I'm happy to tell you that Katie doesn't have that problem (yes, we're on first name terms. So shoot me for fangirling). Unfortunately, though, I can't pick a favorite character. All the characters are my favorites--how's that?All in all, I just loved it. Simple as that.