Brianna on the Brink - Nicole McInnes Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.I don't really know what to say about this one--I did like it, and it was amazing sometimes, but other times I just found myself thinking that it was a bit cliched...slightly traveling along with the sludge pile, and being everything that people say a good young adult novel should be. I'm not saying that it sucked or anything, I'm just saying that I would have loved more complexities.I'm not saying that simple stories don't rock, I'm just a fan of complexities. I did almost die of laughter on the very first page, though. Speaking of which, the author clearly has a sense of humor, and I enjoyed that.Brianna herself was a pretty good character, but I just...I didn't understand a lot of her decisions. I feel like she could've handled them differently, and that it would've been better if she had. I understand that she's supposed to be a troubled teenager and all, but yeah. Sometimes she seemed a bit too troubled, then other times she bounced back to a normal, albeit pregnant, teenage girl.Another complaint that I have is that Brianna was the only character that had great character development. Jane was pretty good, but all of the others seemed a bit flat, and I could use a bit more background on all of them. I did totally love the ending, though! It ended so peacefully, with all the loose ends tied up nicely. I just...I needed more complex characters, with more complex stories.All in all, I would recommend Brianna on the Brink as a light read, for people who love simple books.