Louder Than Words - Laurie Plissner Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.Louder than Words was really freaking great--and so not what I expected when I started this book. For one, I kind of expected it to be a really sweet romance--it wasn't. Not that it wasn't kind of sorta cute--it totally was, but it gives off a more mature vibe than that. This is not a fluffy read at all. I wouldn't recommend this one for anyone under fifteen--sexual content is pretty high in this one.But in the story's defense, we did need to hear about it, because it makes a lot of things make sense.The plot was fairly well done, but there were a couple of things that I saw coming--which at the risk of being spoilerish, I can't reveal them to you. But I would if I could! Speaking of which--how do you even write a novel like this? It seems like it would be pretty hard--and I don't think that it's been done before, so I've got nothing to compare this book too.I thought that Sasha was a pretty good character, but it seemed like she could have been better--more development, more character, more something. I don't know what it was that she was missing, but she was without. Just a enough to bring the rating down, because the characters weren't fleshy enough--but they weren't so bad. It was a bit weird, to tell you the truth.Ben kind of seemed like a shadow for some reason--maybe it was because of the time frame this book was done in? I liked the book, but I wish I could've got more development on all the characters and the plotline--maybe it's because the book is so short? If it had been longer, I probably would've felt more loving towards it. On another note, I couldn't put this book down--it was so good when I was reading it. This never happens to me, but 3.5 stars for this one!