C I N - Christina Leigh Pritchard Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.To be honest, I absolutely devoured C I N--I couldn't put it down. I didn't want to put it down. I was definitely enjoying the story, and I really wanted to know what was going on, and how it related to every little thing. I will admit that several of the key plot elements were predictable, and that I just didn't enjoy some things.For instance, I enjoyed the quick read, but I also kind of disliked it. I'm a fan of meatier books, but it's totally fine, because this is a series, and there will be more. Another thing that drove me a tad bit insane was the wordings. I loved the story that the wording was telling, but I found myself mentally adding apostrophes and commas.I did enjoy the paranormal aspect of the story though, so there is that. There were definitely moments when I thought that I'd heard some of the things before, but that's okay, because I had. A lot of paranormal novels repeat themselves though, so I'm really not too worried about that. I mean, ever fifth book is about vampires or werewolves, so I can totally give props to the person who didn't got that route with paranormals, and who at least wrote their own unique paranormal.I can also give her props for taking the time to give structure to her novel--the plot traveled along quickly, and I was never bored. However, I wish that the characters had been more developed, and that the romance had been less insta-love with control issues. I found myself so many times wanting to beat Lisa over the head with a stick, because she said something that totally went against what had happened. It was ridiculous.All in all, I'll definitely be looking forward to what this author puts out in the future, because I felt that she had quite a bit of untapped potential, but this just isn't the best novel for me.