Dust - Devon Ashley Due to copy and paste formatting has been lost.I want you all to know that I loved Dust. I couldn't get enough of the vivid imagery, the amazing creativity, or the awesome characters. I had to know what was happening, so I had to keep reading. I forced myself to stop reading last night, because I needed to get some sleep.I thought that Rosalie was an amazing character. She was full of spunk, and I just didn't want her to fail. I wanted her to live, and to be free, and to never have to listen to anyone ever again. I didn't want her to lose her spark--her true muchness, because her muchness made the book. She is the reason that the book is so great. She's so freaking awesome, I can't put it all into words.I also liked all the imagery--the explanations of "glamours" and how pixie dust is made, how the fairies were treated--the author didn't leave anything important out, which is usually my problem with fantasy. I just don't understand all the references. But because of Devon Ashley's awesome storytelling skills, I understood. She didn't leave out any of the appalling parts--the awful treatment of pixies by the fairies--and she definitely made it clear about what was going on.I also really enjoyed the bit of romance that was going on, because it wasn't insta-love, nor was it all "physical". It was just good, clean romance. And I loved it--but I'm not going to tell you anymore about it. Or about the guy who she's in love with. Even though I really, really want to.So, all in all, I enjoyed Dust, and I'll definitely be looking forward to the next book in the series--in a hyperventilating kind of way. I want it now. This is all I shall say on the subject! Favorite Quote:But I fear I've been left here to rot until I'm ashes and bones, so I'm starting to think that I've got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Even if it means suffering from a fall.