Something Strange and Deadly - Susan Dennard Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.If you know me, you know that I lurve a good historical fiction book. You also probably know that I've been on a zombie kick lately--maybe it's the season, maybe it's because I've gotten my hands on so many fantastic sounding ones lately--but I've been obsessed ever since I read This is Not a Test last week. So, when I finished Generation Dead, I knew that this one would be the next on my list. I just had a feeling.So, I started it last night about 8:30. And then I couldn't put it down for the next three hours. I couldn't wait to finish reading it, so that I could tell you all about how I devoured it. And, well, I did! I loved it's vivid descriptions, the eighteenth century setting, and it's overall steampunk feel. I loved Eleanor and the spirit-hunters. I loved almost everything about this book!I liked that Eleanor was full of grit and daring, but she was also a bit timid, as women of her time are described as being. She never gave up on her brother, and I totally have to give her points for that. I loved that she was rebellious, and that she still was self-aware enough that she didn't worry about trivial things, like courtship. (Which you know, in that time, was a huge deal.) I do wish that she'd thought a bit more about her actions before she just jumped in--a lot of things could've been prevented if she had. But I guess that's what made this book interesting.I have to tell you that Daniel was my favorite spirit-hunter, because how cool is it that he's an inventor? That's totally awesome! I'd also like to say that there isn't any instances of the dreaded insta-love in this book. No insta-love! Yay! *pops confetti balloon* (I've been saving that balloon for this moment!)I also thought that the character relationships in this book were fairly well done, and that the character development was superb. I do wish that this book had been a tad less predictable, though. Several things panned out like I assumed they would, but occasionally I was surprised! Other than that, I'm extremely happy with this book, and I'll be eagerly awaiting the sequel.