Generation Dead - Daniel Waters Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.First of all, I think I need to say that I've read this book before. So maybe that's why this book was ruined for me, and it's why I don't think that it was really all the great. Maybe I just don't like it because I knew the ending already, and that the ending was all I could think when I was reading it. Maybe it's good that the ending stuck with me, but other than that, I really don't think that this book made a very big impression on me.For one, all of the characters kind of fell flat for me. I thought that Adam, Margi, Phoebe, and Tommy all could've been much better characters, if they had been given the chance for more development. Adam is pretty much stereotypical, and he's one of may favorite characters in this book! Actually, scratch that. Takayuki is my favorite. Don't ask me why, but maybe if you read it you'll understand.Phoebe and Margi were also cliche female leads, and it's going to drive me insane, because when I was younger, I remember liking this book. Don't get me wrong, it's entertaining, and it came out with a solid three stars, but...more character development would've been nice. I'm a total sucker for good character development, so it would've salvaged the whole book.I also thought that the sentences seemed a bit stilted, and that contractions would have been nice. In a lot of the cases, contractions would've helped my overall understanding of the story, because I absolutely confused myself several times, and found my eyes skimming several paragraphs. All in all, I enjoyed parts of this novel, but it doesn't sit very high on my favorites list.