Skater Boy - Mari Mancusi Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.Cheeesy. I can't even tell you about this book without it sounding cheesy--because it was. This book was one of the cheesiest books I've ever read! I can't--I'm not in a good place about this book. I thought that the writing was totally meh, and that the characters were extremely cliched. One day love was in play, and I don't think I've ever hated it more. It was cute in The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, but that's the only book that it works in.In this book, it just makes it all seem rushed, with no real relationship development, or any real character development. Not only were the characters cliche, but they were bland too. I've already forgot the main character's name, and the only reason that I remember Sean and Starr is that they had more development. Still on the low spectrum, though.Aha! Dawn is her name! Now, Dawn--as she's known--thinks that she's a good girl. She does everything that her parents tell her to do, until one day when she just decides that she's not gonna be good anymore (cliche!!), and that she's gonna be as bad as she can. She's going to hang out with Starr--a social outcast--and make out with a skater boy, who she later claims to have fallen in love with! (And he says he loves her too...all within a day or two. Suspicious.)She's called Barbie by Starr--for a day--then Starr decides that she's not a Barbie (I disagree...), and starts to call her Dawn. By the end of the book, Dawn herself is calling girls 'Barbie', even though she thought that it was hurtful! {She goes on a date with some guy that her parents want her to date, then he tries to rape her, so she texts Sean, who calls her parents, who come and rescue her...nothing bad ever happens to this girl!} On another note--Dawn talked like she was trying to be young. Like the author was trying to be a hip teen--which I didn't like. At one point in the book, Dawn and Sean exchanges letters (hand-written), that are written in text speak. I could have killed them.All in all, I'm not very proud of this book. The characters fell flat, and the storyline was boring. :(