Who I Kissed - Janet Gurtler Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.Who I Kissed was a book that had a very interesting premise (hello, girl kisses boy, boy dies of peanut allergy), but I thought that it could've been better. I struggled with rating this book, because I really liked it, but there were a few distracting grammatical errors. (Yes, I know. I'm not one to talk.) They were just...distracting.Other than the grammatical errors, this book definitely followed through with it's rockin' awesome premise! We do need more awareness about these kinds of issues! (I'm not a fan of the ban peanuts because of one child's allergies, but people do need to know that some children are deathly allergic.) Now, because of the unique premise (I've only ever read one other book similar to this), I wasn't exactly sure what to expect, besides an allergic death, and a heart-broken heroine.In fact, when I began this book, I was curious about who was going to die. (I clearly didn't read the summary.) And when it happened, I was truly surprised! I thought that it was going to be someone else, so I wasn't truly prepared for it, and, well. I was sad for his family.Now, I'm sure that you'd like to read about the characters now--Samantha was amazing. Just when you thought she was going to go all weepy on you, she pulled herself together and went on. Not to say that she wasn't depressed, it's just that the author handled it in such an authentic way that you really wanted her to feel better, not worse. I thought that she did a fine job with Samantha's character development, and that I couldn't have picked a better heroine for this story myself.Zee--where to start? I also thought that he was surprisingly developed, considering that he wasn't exactly a main character. He was a big part of the story, but as the book was only told through Samantha's view, I was surprised at the amount of depth that all the secondary characters showed.All in all, I'm glad that I was invited to this blog tour, because I've got no doubt that it would've taken me a while to pick this up on my own. And it really, truly delivered.