You, Maybe: The Profound Asymmetry of Love in High School - Rachel Vail Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.WARNING THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS. THEY ARE NOT MARKED. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.Well. That was dumb. I don't think that I can even summarize this book without making it sound ridiculously stupid...grr. My reading slump has become part of life, people. It sucks. Big time. So, I just have a few things to say about this book. *glances at watch* First: I spent three hours on this book, and I don' Just no. How could....never mind.I'll start off with this: Josie sucked. In the beginning I was all for her, because she did seem, (to quote the book jacket) independent and fierce. She seemed really awesome. She had her own opinions, and she wasn't afraid to express them. She was completely unique, (she was a clown!) she was funny, and I really liked her. For the first three pages. Then she started talking about how "Nobody dates anymore, they just hook up." "I've hooked up a lot. I like it. I'm fifteen." Then I was like, no. No freaking way. I don't think I'll like you, Josie.You're kind of ditzy. And worse yet, she doesn't want a serious relationship. She just wants to hang out and hook up! And she does, with two different guys at once! (Because that's so realistic.) And then, lo and behold, I want to be exclusive with Carson, the school's golden boy, who everyone likes. But I'm gonna tease him first. I'm gonna be a jerk, then maybe he'll like me! *DITZY*I shall date him, because he wants me so very much! He loves me! Why don't I love him? NEWSFLASH GIRL, HE DOESN'T LOVE YOU. He likes you. Big difference there. I know, that's very hard to believe. I'll change everything about myself, just so he'll like me! FLASHING NEON SIGN: DON'T DO IT, SERIOUSLY.She does it. She changes everything about herself to make him happy, and then he's a total freaking jerk, tells her that he doesn't love her (do you see my point??) and dumps her, then starts dating someone else. Plus, the ending was ridiculous.NOTE: I have nothing against this author, and I'm sorry if this rant has upset anyone. I guess I've just been in a ranting mood lately...sorry guys. :(