Infinite Days - Rebecca Maizel Due to copy an paste, formatting has been lost.Infinite Days gives us a fresh and new take on vampires. And no, they don't sparkle. (Thank God!) But they do have an aura of...well, death. But not the way your thinking. This novel explains so many things, that no other vampire novel has ever tried to explain. For one, why can't vampires withstand sunlight? All explained--and in a very interesting way, I might add! Another thing that book introduced to me was this thought--all vampire's nerve endings are dead. They can't feel. Isn't that awful? And when they love, they love like this--“Once a vampire falls in love, they are bound to that love. They will always love that person, no matter what happens. They can fall in love again and again, but each time a piece of their soul is given away. I fell in love twice. Once with Rhode, and a second time with Vicken. The two loves were different. With Vicken, it was less whole than it had been with Rhode. Either way, I was bound. Vampire love is an ache, a hunger, and no matter how much either of them loved me that was never enough. No matter what is said or done, it is in the vampire nature to be left completely unsatisfied. This was the kind of torment I experienced every day.” Awesome, isn't it? The way that Maziel has added so many different facts and thoughts about vampires, that every other author has just ignored. Like, for instance, holy water, crucifixes and garlic. She said, and I quote, "None of those things actually work, it's just a way to let novelist's have a bit of fun." She also added this--that all vampire's long to be human. To feel, and to taste, and to love properly again. And that thought drives them all into madness. A killing madness, that will never, ever let their minds go.I won't say that the plot of this book was absolutely brilliant, because I saw some things coming, and to be honest, there was a bit of a love triangle going on, and it didn't really fit with the story, and URGH. I'm tired of love triangles, especially underdeveloped ones.Lenah was a part of the love triangle, but thankfully, she loved one like a brother, so it honestly ended a lot better for her than it could've. I don't know if I particularly liked Lenah. I think it was more along the lines that I was intrigued by her. She was a human, turned vampire in the 15th century, and then she was turned back to a human in the 21st century. (Da-Da-Dum, Shocker!) Intriguing, especially for a young adult book.For the first 50-100 pages, I really didn't like Justin, and I was hoping that Tony would prevail. Then we get to know Tony and Justin a bit more, and I liked Justin better. Tony has a personality, but it was weird. Sometimes he acted timid, like a little boy, then others he was Mister Macho. I don't get. He must have multiple personalities. But Justin doesn't. He stays the same guy throughout the entire book.All in all, this book answered some of my questions, and left me wanting to know more. It definitely surprised me. Favorite Quote:Evil be he who thinketh evil.