Ever (Ever, #1) - Jessa Russo Other reviews like this at The Book BabeNote: Due to copy and paste, formatting has been lost.Why do authors insist on leaving us all with cliff-hanger endings? This must be why I enjoy standalone so much...Ever's character was good enough I suppose, but my favorite was definitely Frankie. Our lead ghostie, and favorite paranormal being here. To be honest, I liked Ever, but sometimes I wondered if all paranormal books have to have a Bella from Twilight kind of character. It's not becoming. Having a character like Bella will almost always cement my dislike of a book. "Oh, I love them both, and they both love me! Who do I choose?" Eeergh. Ever was a bit different than Bella though, because she wasn't such a whiner. She didn't just sit around in self-pity all the time like Bella did. And, she had a better sense of style.Frankie's character was terrific though! I absolutely loved Frankie, and probably would've liked the book quite a bit better if it's primary focus had been him. Instead, we had Ever as a primary focus.Just like every other paranormal I've read recently, this book was highly predictable. I found myself anticipating every little thing before it happened, and it left me with a feeling of annoyance. Yes, I was annoyed at the predictability of this book. It was upsetting, but not near as much as this: I still enjoyed the book. Every little bit of plot was spoiled by my mind, but I still enjoyed hearing about Ever's relationship troubles with Toby and Frankie, and I really wished that she hadn't been so mean to Frankie.All in all, I enjoyed Ever, but thought it was a tad too predictable, with a slightly whiny lead character. I'll probably read the series, for the simple fact that I've started it, but that'll be all.