Dreamless - Josephine Angelini Other reviews like this at The Book Babe Note: Due to copy an paste, formatting has been lost.What am I feeling right now? Amazement. This book was so much better than the first. Maybe I like drama. I don't know, but for some reason, I liked this book a ton more than the first. I liked the first, but the second, wow.May I just say, I love the character of Orion. I was going to put this book off for a little bit longer, but I read the back flap, and I'm a sucker for love triangles, so I had to read it then. Shocking, right? That I'm a sucker for love triangles. Can't blame me though, all the best YA books have a slight variation on the original triangle.Orion, though, back to him. He was strong. He was brave. He was sweet. And, kind of cocky at the same time. I....(dare I say it?) swoon for him. He is an amazing love interest. Much better than Lucas. Yet when I read from Lucas's point of view, I think I might like him too. So, I'm just as torn as Helen is. How did that happen? I feel so....dirty. You can't love two guys at once, that's just wrong. You can love one like a brother. That seems less....gross.Helen kind of annoys me. She may be impervious to all physical threats, but she still needs to know how to protect herself! Sorry, I'm kind of a die hard 'Girls need to know how to protect themselves' kind of gal. We have guns. I can shoot. I'm a hick.So, when Helen starts to train, she still can't protect herself! What's up with that? She has no power in the underworld, so she should learn to physically protect herself. She is the descender. That's life. I feel bad about the protection thing, because I actually really like Helen as a character.I never saw the ending coming. I wondered, but didn't succeed in figuring it out before the end, so I was happy. It was plotted. I love plot. The characters make the book, but plot cuts a close second. It was perfect though. The perfect amount of fulfillment, suspense, and the need for more Starcrossed.