Incarnate - Jodi Meadows Other reviews like this at The Book Babe Note: Due to copy an paste, formatting has been lost.I liked this book, but there were a few things about it that drove me insane. For one, I disliked the way that Ana's mother Li behaved. She was an awful excuse for a human being, and every little thing she did made me want to hurt her. She made Ana believe that she was a 'Nosoul' and that she would never have feelings, love, or possessions.She made her believe that she was an empty shell, instead of a 'Newsoul', which is what she actually was. Of course she had a soul. Who doesn't?I did actually like Ana, because she was willing to go out on her own, and make her own way, to get out of a bad situation. No matter what went wrong, she went out of her way to keep on trudging along the right way. She didn't want to quit, so she kept right on going until it was safe to end.I also really liked Sam, because of his never ending quest to keep Ana safe, and to never let her be without hope. He was good like that, and with a little bit of romance thrown into this story, it was very cute. The entire premise was a very good idea, but in the end, the book fell a little flat for me. I liked it, but only once did I see a bit of amazing writing in the entire book, and that just killed it for me.It was imaginative and inventive, but the story wasn't thought out very far beforehand, and it made the book just a teeny bit abrupt and confusing.