Circus Summer - Kailin Gow Other reviews like this at The Book Babe Note: Due to copy an paste, formatting has been lost.This book was insane. It was scary, and full of dystopian elements, but with a hint of romance and danger. I really liked the character of Leela, because she was so determined to stay in the circus, so that she could go to the center and find a cure for her mother. I don't know if her mother's sick, or just plain crazy.The story and plot reminded me of the Hunger Games a lot. A group of kids, sent off to an arena, to fight to the death. There were several differences, where the author really made it her own, by adding the element of horror, and the whole 'circus' thing.For one, the tributes volunteered. They volunteered, without having any idea of what they were getting into. Secret societies? They've got them, but nobody knows. For two, the volunteers weren't straight-up killing each other, there was just a variety of accidents that were getting rid of them. Scary, right?Back to Leela, Zachary, and Thomas. I really liked them all, but I'd have to say that Leela was my favorite. Her determination, hope, and overall niceness won me over.To be honest, I completely loved this story. It was violent, and gory, and I loved every second of it. The one thing that bothered me was the authors flowery way of putting things, and the cliffhanger ending, because you know how much I hate that. It's just a bit confusing, but I still loved it.♠♠♠♠Favorite Quote:What ifs. So many what ifs, and most of them are bad. There are so many ways my life can go wrong from here, and not very many it can work out well.