Pretty Amy - Lisa Burstein Other reviews like this at The Book Babe Note: Due to copy an paste, formatting has been lost.I don't get the title. I really don't. It's called pretty Amy, but it's about a girl who's struggling with her arrest, and her court date. I just don't understand the appeal of 'Pretty Amy' as a title.Amy was an alright kind of character, but she kind of annoyed me. She really didn't care what happened to her at the end of her court case, and she didn't care who she hurt, or that she was pushing away all the people who wanted to help her. She was messed up. She never thought about what she said, or what she did, and how it affected other people. That's what ruined her as a character for me.Overall, I'd say it was a good book, with all the dynamics of the arrest, and not being able to get into the prom and all, but it fell a little flat for me. The characters, the setting, and the plot just made me not want to write this review.Not that it's a very good review, but you catch my drift. I was unfulfilled by characters, plot, generally dramatic things that were unbelievably dumb, and I just didn't particularly enjoy it. For one, no parent, when a child says (sarcastically) "My heroin is in my mattress!" goes and immediately tears apart the entire mattress, rips all the stuffing out, and then throws it in the backyard and burns it.No parent would do that. It would be stupid. Mattresses cost money! Plus there would have to be a hole or something. It would be stupid to just rip up the entire thing. This, among many other reasons, is why this book just kills me. Sorry guys, three star rating for this one.♠♠♠