Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft - Jody Gehrman Other reviews like this at The Book BabeAudrey's Guide to Witchcraft do I put this? It was...interesting. For one, this is the first book I've read that only involved witches. Usually there's some werewolves, or some vampires thrown in to make the book more interesting. Some people spend their time reading paranormal books. I usually don't, so this is a bit out of the norm for me.Yes, I enjoyed it, but I found a few things to be...well, annoying. For one, nothing about Julian and Audrey's relationship was really explained. It seemed like they had a few serious problems (which I can't reveal because of spoilers), and they never really talked about their problems or anything. They just kind of faded into the wallpaper the next time they saw each other. I hate that. I wish there would have been more problem solving involved, because it would have helped us to really see some serious character development with Julian and Audrey.The plot progressed fairly well, and it kept me interested, but after a fair amount of reading, my head kind of hurts. Yep, a lot of it may have went over my head. With all the spells involved, and names, and...oh, I'm losing it.Julian and Audrey, well, let's just say I would swoon over Julian any day. But Audrey's character, she's the real fireball. She is entirely obsessed with helping her mom out. "When's my mom gonna be home?" or "I know I can help, why won't you let me?" To one point, she was actually a good character, because she absolutely wasn't afraid to roll with the punches, but she was also a teeny bit full of herself, with her witchy ways. Normally, she's not, but get her on the witch train, and her ego's pretty darn big.All in all, I enjoyed Audrey's Guide to Witchcraft, but it's not going to be my favorite any time soon.*Book provided by author for review. Favorite Quote:She shook her head. "It's not like that. There's such a wide range of talents, and everyone's gifts are unique. I can't tell you how because I don't know how it works for you."