Let's Face It - Jodi R. Moore Other reviews like this at thebookbabesreads.blogspot.comThis book is just so darn cute. The characters are cute, the story is cute, the entire book is cute. It was the perfect read for me right now. Less hardcore, more cute. I really liked the character of Kaylin, even though I don't understand her like of science, because I always hated science. But even though she talked about science all the time, she did it in a very easy to understand way, not in a 'Haha, I'm smarter than you and I know all about science' way, which trust me, was a plus. My favorite thing about Kaylin though, was her drive. She was driven to cure acne. One of the most impossible ventures in the world, and she was all about doing it. No fear.The author wrote it in a way that it was believable, but also very hard sounding, with you never knowing whether she will succeed or not. It's just one of those things, you won't know if you don't try. I thought that Kaylin and Charlie's friendship was just adorable, and that it made the story better. Charlie was so willing to just be there for Kaylin, and to be a great friend for her, when her other friends maybe weren't.I liked the research that Kaylin did about acne medications and acne washes, and how all of them can't possibly work for everyone. Nothing works for everybody, and Kaylin communicates that very well. I've never actually thought about interning at a science company, (hello, where would I find one in Po-Dunk, Arkansas?) but even if I had the chance, I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't.Yet again, I admire Kaylin's drive. I also admire the way that she grew in this story. She really grew into a nicer, sweeter girl. She stopped worrying about all of her problems, and more about the world's problems. (Even if the world's problem, in this case, was acne.)So, all in all, I definitely enjoyed it, and I recommend it for younger girls especially. :)♠♠♠♠Favorite Quote:That's why I liked talking to Charlie. He always made me feel better. Like he was on my side. Rooting for me. Wanting me to be happy.